Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley has been doing well in my garden for over 20 years.  It was already here when we moved in and each year multiplies along the North East facing narrow border outside the garage.

It seems to thrive on neglect as I have never touched it other than to pick some stems to display indoors in vases.

It would probably do even better if I divided up some of the clumps and distributed them around the garden in shady spots.  It is at its peak during May and its scent wafts around the garden and is enhanced by the warmth of the sun. 


  1. So beautiful, I've never grown it myself, not sure why as its so pretty!!
    V x

  2. One of my favourites. I planted some in memory of my mum as it was her favourite flower

    Julie xxxxx

  3. Lovely Simone, one of my favourites. I've tried a few times to grow it in our heavy clay soil but with no success. Late last year a friend gave me a few plants and they have actually grown this year but the flowers seem to have been eaten by something, I'm hoping that over the next year or so they spread some more:)

  4. So glad you are continuing to blog Simone. I look forward to reading more about your garden. Lily of the Valley are lovely, I used to have some in my garden a few years ago but they don't seem to have come up for a while. I must plant more :)

  5. -smile- I just did a post on Lily Of The Valley, though ours aren't in bloom, just yet. We are behind you, weather wise. :-)

    I found a comment by you, on this blog.... And wanted to come over and say hello. I appreciate her blog, and how she "calls a spade, a spade." I keep my present blog, just *focused-on-nice.* Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, with controversy. But happy she is doing, what she is doing.

    I love how Lily Of The Valley will spread, although where it is mostly here, it is invasive. :-) Should transplant some!!! Duhhhhh me.

    So, Hello from a 'Nana' in the upper North East of the U.S.

  6. I do hope my clickable link, took you to Rachel Phillips blog.

    After sending my last comment, I thought; "Oh my, what if I linked to something else????" :-)))

    Anyway, her blog, is where I saw a comment by you... And came over, from there.

  7. Your lilies of the valley remind me of a song we sang years ago in Girl Scouts:

    White coral bells upon a slender stock,
    Lilies of the valley on my garden wall,
    Oh, how I wish that I could hear them ring,
    That will happen only when the fairies sing.

    We sang this as a round and it was beautiful.