Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Decimated Crops

It is hard to keep a balanced ecosystem in the garden.  I like to encourage insects and wildlife but this has been to the detriment of my crops.  I grew over 40 Romanesco cauliflowers.  Very few remain.

 The courgettes are being slowly nibbled away.

The sunflowers are full of holes.  It is most disheartening. 


  1. Yes I've had problems too Simone, it is extremely annoying. I have put in my second lot of sunflowers and my strawberries have been eaten. Like you having a cat(s) in the garden deters birds like blackbirds and thrushes which is a disadvantage I'm afraid. I would love a family of hedgehogs to move in. In the meantime I have ordered some nematodes I've never used them before but they are a natural deterrent and I'm hoping they will restore some balance to my garden.
    V x

  2. The nibblers are out in force this year. I have brassicas in a cage which stops the butterflies. Sadly it doesn't stop the slugs, nor the aphids.