Monday, 23 June 2014

Keeping Up

It is all happening in the garden right now and getting increasingly difficult to keep up with maintaining everything.  The peas are producing profusely, the strawberry plants are sending out runners everywhere (to be potted up) and the tomato plants need almost constant watering.

Much to be done outside today.  I need to find places for cauliflower plants and sow some chive seeds.  The lawn needs edging and the flowers deadheading.  I think I may be a while...............


  1. Oh I know it's busy, busy outside at the moment Simone but isn't it great!!!
    It's all looking lovely at yours. :)
    V x

  2. Absolutely. Watering is taking forever! But make the most of it, weather's on the turn, down here it is anyway.

  3. Looking wonderful, Simone! I am jealous of your peas. Mine did horribly this year. I guess that's something about the garden. If this year is bad you can always look forward to trying again next year.