Thursday, 24 April 2014

Flat Plums

Each year I seem to have problems with my potted Victoria plum tree. A few weeks ago I noticed that scale had built up on the new branches so I set to removing them with diluted washing up liquid and a toothbrush!  It now appears to be scale free.  Last year when the tree had scale, all the plums dropped off before they even had a chance to grow.  I have also noticed these flat 'plums' (see above) in previous years and the tree is producing them again. Any idea what they are?

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  1. My parents used to have plum trees. All I know is that every few years they didn't get many plums, and then every few years there was always a glut which they sold to the local green grocers where they lived. A lot were frozen and by the time the freezer was empty of plums the glut was around again. They had a few plum trees.