Thursday, 24 April 2014

Flat Plums

Each year I seem to have problems with my potted Victoria plum tree. A few weeks ago I noticed that scale had built up on the new branches so I set to removing them with diluted washing up liquid and a toothbrush!  It now appears to be scale free.  Last year when the tree had scale, all the plums dropped off before they even had a chance to grow.  I have also noticed these flat 'plums' (see above) in previous years and the tree is producing them again. Any idea what they are?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Sowing and Growing in April

After a late start sowing seeds, the plants are catching up now.  I still have loads under black polythene germinating and trays of vegetable and flower seeds. 

 I sowed these 'little gem' lettuce seeds just a few days ago.  Look at them bravely struggle towards the light!

I have prepared the 'wildflower' patch and sowed some Sarah Raven 'Pretty Pastel' selection straight into the ground.  If the display doesn't live up to expectations I can fill in with some pot grown flowers!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Seahorse Ferns

 These emerging ferns really do remind me of seahorses.  They have such a graceful arch to their spine.

 It is a pity when they fully open as I like them best when they are tightly curled.

 They flourish next to an old tree stump.........

 .........providing a haven for all kinds of insects and wildlife.

A beautiful plant that adds interest and structure to the garden.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Scented Leaf Perlagoniums

I received my Scented Leaf Perlagoniums yesterday evening and potted them up straight away into 1 litre pots and a 2 litre pot for the attar of roses.

attar of roses
charmay snowflake lemon balm
crispum peaches and cream
fringed apple (apple mint)

I potted them in a mixture of multi purpose compost, John Innes and perlite with a layer of slow release commercial fertiliser.  I can't wait to see them flourish!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Early April

We have lived here for 17 years and the wisteria was here long before that.  Every year the wisteria is covered in lush green growth but we have only about 5 flowers on the whole plant.  This year looks like there could be a bumper amount of blooms.  Maybe the months of torrential rain gave the roots a good drink and encouraged it to flower.

The plum tree has lost its creamy blossom but the pear tree is prolific in pretty white blossom this year.  I do hope we have a good crop of pears.

I have planted up a new area with 3 early strawberry plants and two types of thyme.  I will add to this bed as the season progresses.