Monday, 31 March 2014

Sow the Season Begins..............

After the long wet winter I finally managed to get into the garden on Saturday March 29th 2014.  I cleared out the green house and cleaned it with washing up liquid and vinegar.  With newly acquired worktop space I managed to sow some seeds straight into 3.5 inch pots.  These were as follows:

Sown 3oth March 2014
Didiscus 'Lacy'
Echinacea 'Rose Pink'
Bells of Ireland
Cosmos 'Candy Stripe'

Fruit and Veg
Winter Squash 'Sweet Potato'
Cherry Tomato 'Maskotka'

Today (31st March) I went to Clockhouse Nursery and bought some plants.

Russian Sage
Thyme 'Rainbow Falls'
Thyme 'Lemon Varigated'
Broad Leaved Sorrel
Lawn Chamomile (non-flowering variety)
Strawberries 'Sweetheart' early season x 3

The main reason for going to the nursery was to buy some seeds so I bought Italian seeds by Franchi, courgettes, dwarf  beans and peas.  Three of my favourite vegetables!


  1. ooh great stuff Simone, lucky you, to have a greenhouse!
    Who is Sybil we ask?

  2. *sorry just read Sybils plot is named after your Nan.
    Our last cat was called Sybil, great name x

  3. Doesn't it feel good Simone...fresh air and green stuff! I love it! :)
    V xxx

  4. Looks so invigorating and hopeful all that garden progress. Hope you share photos of your sprouting seeds!

    (I like the ghostly image of you reflected in the glass. And those sweet cars!).