Monday, 31 March 2014

Sow the Season Begins..............

After the long wet winter I finally managed to get into the garden on Saturday March 29th 2014.  I cleared out the green house and cleaned it with washing up liquid and vinegar.  With newly acquired worktop space I managed to sow some seeds straight into 3.5 inch pots.  These were as follows:

Sown 3oth March 2014
Didiscus 'Lacy'
Echinacea 'Rose Pink'
Bells of Ireland
Cosmos 'Candy Stripe'

Fruit and Veg
Winter Squash 'Sweet Potato'
Cherry Tomato 'Maskotka'

Today (31st March) I went to Clockhouse Nursery and bought some plants.

Russian Sage
Thyme 'Rainbow Falls'
Thyme 'Lemon Varigated'
Broad Leaved Sorrel
Lawn Chamomile (non-flowering variety)
Strawberries 'Sweetheart' early season x 3

The main reason for going to the nursery was to buy some seeds so I bought Italian seeds by Franchi, courgettes, dwarf  beans and peas.  Three of my favourite vegetables!