Thursday, 11 July 2013

Slug Stats

On 16 random days/evenings between 5th June and 5th July I collected over 500 slugs from my garden.

Some Observations

  • most collected slugs in one session: 69.

  • least collected slugs in one session: 2.

  • skinny white/creamy white or beige slugs showed up best on grassy areas at dusk as they glowed  in the dark.

  • skinny black slugs, fat brown/orange and medium sized dark brown slugs were easier to spot in the morning on lawn, bare soil and plants.

  • putting upside down plastic plant pots in between the plants and borders gave the slugs somewhere to hide overnight and a nice/nasty surprise for me to collect in the morning.  

  • I am an 'expert' slug hunter.


  1. Do you want to come hunting in my garden???
    V xxx

  2. .....And mine.............?
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I hate slugs. I haven't seen many in my garden this year but then maybe that's because I didn't plant anything so there's nothing here for them.

  4. I have loads of nasty slugs eating my hostas! What do you do with them once you have caught them?

    1. Hello Jennifer! I put the slugs (and snails) in my green waste bin (plant material) for weekly collection by the council.

    2. Thanks Simone! But how do you errrrrr....... render them lifeless?

    3. Hello again Jennifer! I don't actually kill them. I use thick gloves to pick them up and I put them in the green waste bin with plenty of waste plant material. When the bin collection people come, the slugs are dispensed in the back of the green waste truck. I should imagine that most come to a sticky end but some may manage to escape. Some people drop the slugs into a bucket of water to drown them but I prefer to give them a bit of a chance.

  5. I'll have to try your trap trick. The slugs are sure doing a number on our garden. They ate a few plants down to nothing!

  6. Well that is a good way to dispose of your slugs Simone! I might try that myself. I usually throw them into the middle of our large lawn and hope the birds get them. I leave the very big ones though as I believe they don't do as much harm as those little grey jobs!